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This site serves as a clearinghouse and electronic library where users can search, review, cross-reference, and download the most current specifications, construction manuals, and drawings. Although this site is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration, the materials on this site have been submitted by State Departments of Transportation and other agencies.

  • - This section allows users to browse standard and innovative/emerging highway construction specifications by agency, or search specifications by keyword.
  • - This section allows users to browse Construction Manuals by agency, or search Manuals by keyword.
  • - This section contains links to Standard Drawings on State Department of Transportation web sites.

If you have any questions or comments on the content of the National Highway Specifications web site, please contact

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The files contained on this web site are for informational and research purposes only. To obtain the official version of these documents, users are encouraged to contact or visit the web site of the issuing agency.
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